Sports Alliance
We connect the dots between the data and the fans. We make it possible for club marketeers to send out targeted and personalised direct marketing campaigns to their fanbase. While at the same time assuring compliance with the European privacy laws.

The main problem Sportclubs have in managing the data of their fans and thus in communicating with fans, is that the data is invariably held in many different (transactional)systems such as ticketing systems and merchandising systems. Each transactional system often comes with their own on-line sales tool. This makes centralising data for marketing purposes complicated.

We have developed a data management engine that deduplicates records from all the different sources. This solution makes integrating data sources, even the always present excel lists, relatively straight forward. Once the data is deduplicated and under control a marketeer then needs to be able to slice & dice the data to get to the preferred target group or to analyse the data.

We provide the club with self-service tools for setting-up, executing and analysing the response of a marketing campaign. The tool integrates with several email service providers for campaign execution.

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